The Spend App for Android has been successfully redeployed and our Public Beta Program is now available. Users may now download the Spend App for Android through the Google Play Store. Please keep in mind, this version is in a beta stage and will give users access to most features on the Spend Wallet.

Spend has officially partnered with a UnionPay program manager to launch the Spend UnionPay Card. Spend App users may now pre-order their Spend UnionPay Cards in all locations worldwide, except for OFAC restricted countries and countries that will have Spend Visa Cards. The Spend UnionPay Card enables users access to convert 17+ digital currencies and 27 fiat currencies to local legal tender to top up their card. Once the card is topped up, users can freely shop with the card online and offline at point-of-sale, online purchases, and to withdraw cash at the ATM. The UnionPay acceptance network now expands to 168 countries and regions, covering over 23 million merchants and 1.64 million ATMs outside the Chinese mainland.

The Spend Black Union Pay Card will be the first card available and is a full metal EMV Card. This card is not a composite metal card, but a pure metal card with the Spend logo laser engraved on the front. We are using a new style of cards similar to the new Apple Card and Square Card, where all card numbers, expiration dates, cardholder names, network logos, etc., will be laser engraved on the back of the card. This card will be paired with the Spend Black Membership and cardholders will receive 3% rewards back on all card purchases and 2% rewards back on all wallet purchases.