It’s hard to believe that we are already a few days into March! It feels like the New Year was just last week. What’s even more incredible is everything that has been up to this last month. Here is a quick recap of February:

Spend App Updates

During the month of February, Spend™ has been avidly adding more features to help users quickly and easily send assets to existing contacts, access asset analytics, and more! Below are some of the new and updated features:

  • Contact Manager — Store contacts to quickly and easily send assets with just a few clicks.
  • Enhanced Tier Verification — Easily and seamlessly access Tier 1 & 2 for a multi-blockchain wallet.
  • Asset Analytics — View analytics such as volume, circulating supply & market caps.
  • Instant In-App Exchange — For Tier 1 and above users, instantly swap any supported asset with one another.
  • Spendcoin Rewards — Earn up to 3% back with your Spend Card.
  • Referral System — Get paid to invite your friends to Spend™!
  • Spend Discounts — For a limited time, enjoy up to 50% discounts when using Spendcoins to settle fees.
  • Biometrics Login/PIN Code Access — Users can now use iOS biometrics to quickly and securely access their Spend™ Wallet accounts.
  • Card Ordering — When you order your card, you will now know where and when to expect it with our tracking system.
  • Two-Factor Authentication — Added level of security when accessing the app.
  • International Bank Support — Users will see an ongoing emergence of banking service support in over 118 countries.
  • Spend Virtual Visa® Cards — Integration and support for the upcoming release of the Spend Visa® Virtual Card is now in place and ready.

Added Cryptocurrencies

Spend™ is incredibly excited to have rolled out ten more cryptocurrencies that are now available on the Spend App! These cryptocurrencies include: Stellar, Polymath, Binance, Litecoin, Cardano, Dash, ARK, EOS, XRP, Tron and Bitcoin Cash.

You can now buy and sell these cryptocurrencies with your linked bank account and exchange them with all supported assets. The best part, you can spend them at over 40+ million locations with the Spend Wallet™ by instantly converting your cryptocurrency into the local fiat currency for use with the Spend Visa® Card!

Spend Foundation & Bittrex

In the beginning of February, Spend Foundation was happy to announce that Bittrex had a brand new listing, Spendcoin! The Spendcoin market is now open and is trading on the Bittrex exchange. Please visit to learn more about Spendcoin (SPND).

Spend Foundation & UPbit

Spend Foundation was also excited to announce that SPND/BTC markets were also available on UPbit.

Spend Foundation & Bitsdaq

This past month, Bitsdaq exchange has announced that it will be having a Spendcoin trading competition that will be hosted on their exchange! There will be 200,000 Spendcoins that will be available to users who participate in the competition. The SPND/BTC markets are now available on Bitsdaq, a partner exchange of Bittrex.

Spend Foundation & Blockfolio Signal

Lastly, Spend Foundation proudly joined teams with Blockfolio Signal so that each and every Blockfolio user can stay up to date with all of our news, as well as exciting announcements! When downloading the Blockfolio app, you can now “watch” SPND and stay up to date!