And just like that, not only are we into April; but full swing into Spring! Here is a quick recap of all the exciting news and announcements made in March:

Spend Announces Strategic Partnership For Instant Virtual Visa® Product has strengthened their available products through a strategic partnership with its processor introducing a new offering; the Spend Virtual Visa® Card. This card offers users of the Spend platform the ability to instantly issue a Visa® card within the Spend Wallet app and use it immediately to shop online. Users will be able to instantly access their funds and shop with any merchant online that accepts Visa® worldwide!

Spend App Updates

With the release of Spend’s Virtual Visa® cards, Spend also launched a new Spend Wallet App version on iOS. This new version lays the foundation for future upgrades and services and enables the instant issuance capability! Here are the updates:

  • Instant Issuance Virtual Cards — Spend App users can instantly issue their Spend Visa® Virtual card directly within the Spend App once they are Tier 2 verified. Tier 2 verification is typically instant when all of the user’s KYC information matches available records.
  • Multi-Asset/Currency Payment Selection — Users can now pick which asset/currency they want to use to pay for their Spend Simple, Preferred, or Black membership when ordering a card!
  • Improved Biometrics System — Spend has revamped the entire Biometrics system to make it more secure with less friction for users.
  • SPND Discounts — Users now have the ability to toggle “SPND Discounts” in their profile screen to give cardholders up to a 25% discount off of fees when enabling this feature.
  • Instant In-App Forgot Username & Password Features — Forget your username and/or password? No problem! Spend now has you covered by adding in-app recovery methods.
  • Live Chat — Have an issue or just a question? The Spend Wallet app now offers a built in Live Chat feature where users can connect with a Spend Support agent and ask for help.

Additional New Features:

  • Users in supported regions worldwide can now pre-order their Spend Card and begin membership locks on Tier 2 pending status. Membership wallet rewards are activated immediately.
  • Card upgrade ability to higher membership tiers of Spend Preferred or Spend Black.
  • Ability to now convert your Spend Virtual Card to a Spend Physical Card.
  • Instant Virtual Card ability for all Spend Card types in the US (Simple, Preferred & Black).
  • Enhancements and minor bug patches.

SPND Is Added To Bittrex USD Markets

Bittrex Launch Update! Spendcoin (SPND) has been added to the USD (Fiat) markets. Bittrex accounts are auto enabled for USD trading.

Introducing The Spend Listing Program (SLP)

Spend aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional finance by launching the Spend Wallet to help make spending cryptocurrencies seamless. Currently, Spend supports 16 cryptocurrencies, 27 fiat currencies and 1 stablecoin.

Internally, Spend created a Digital Asset On-Boarding Framework to evaluate additional cryptocurrencies we plan to add.

As of today, we proudly announce the Spend Listing Program, designed to give coin projects a fast track to be added to the product line. Coin projects will be vetted by Spend’s internal team to ensure the highest level of due diligence has been performed on the coin and it’s founders.

Spend Is Now A Microsoft Partner

Spend is now officially a Microsoft Partner! Through the Microsoft Partner Network, Spend will offer cloud based Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) for blockchain assets and fiat using the Spend SDK. This allows companies and start-ups to quickly deploy their cloud-based solutions, enabling them to build a wide variety of blockchain payment services all from the power and existing relationships obtained through Spend Business.

Companies have found it extremely difficult to work with banks and financial institutions to enable crypto related start ups to offer services that bridge traditional finance into the new realm of money 2.0 utilizing digital currencies. We believe the crypto FinTech space will grow exponentially over the course of the next few years and Spend will help startups achieve their goals by leveraging existing relationships through the Spend SDK.

Spend Partners With UnionPay Program Manager

Spend has officially partnered with a UnionPay program manager to launch the Spend UnionPay Card. Spend App users may now pre-order their Spend UnionPay Cards in all locations worldwide, except for OFAC restricted countries and countries that will have Spend Visa Cards.

The Spend UnionPay Card enables users access to convert 17+ digital currencies and 27 fiat currencies to local legal tender to top up their card. Users can then freely shop with the card both online, offline at point-of-sale, and withdraw cash from an ATM. The UnionPay Acceptance network now expands to 168 countries and regions, covering 23 million merchants and 1.64 million ATM’s outside the Chinese mainland.

Spend Redeploys Spend App for Android

The Spend App for Android has been successfully redeployed and our Public Beta Program is now available. Users may now download the Spend App for Android through the Google Play Store. Please keep in mind, this version is in a beta stage and will give users access to most features on the Spend Wallet.

Cryptocurrencies Added to Spend App

Spend™ is incredibly excited to have announced additional cryptocurrencies that are available on the Spend App! These cryptocurrencies include: Paxos, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

You can now buy and sell these cryptocurrencies with your linked bank account and exchange them with all supported assets. The best part, you can spend them at over 40 million locations with the Spend Wallet™ by instantly converting your cryptocurrency into the local fiat currency for use with the Spend Visa® Card!