Spend is proud to announce the official launch of the Spend Wallet App with full Apple Pay integration. Users are now able to update their Spend Wallet app to v2.4.979 and receive immediate access to Apple Pay by either manually adding their physical Spend Visa card into the Apple Wallet App or, if they have a virtual Spend Visa card, they can instantly add it to their Apple Wallet in-app by pressing the “Add to Apple Wallet” icon.

Apple Pay is accepted at millions of merchants worldwide and almost all major retailers in the US. This feature grants Spend users an instant ability to spend over 16 supported cryptocurrencies on-demand through the Apple Pay network.

Spend has bridged the gap to bring the spending of cryptocurrency to mainstream retailers and has made the entire process seamless. Users are able to verify their KYC instantly, issue a Spend Visa Virtual Card instantly, and link it to Apple Pay instantly, creating a truly “instant” solution. Thereafter, all the user needs to do is toggle on the digital currency they want to Spend and tap their Phone on the Apple Pay supported retailer. The rest of the magic happens in the background as Spend instantly converts the asset to local fiat currency on the trigger of the transaction.

Support for Google Pay will be released in the next few weeks as Spend finalizes testing.

Thank you!

No cryptocurrency is loaded on to the Spend Visa® Card. All assets are converted to local fiat currency prior to loading on the Visa® network.