It’s hard to believe how fast these months are flying by! With all of April’s exciting news and announcements, no wonder it went by so quickly. Here is a recap of what was up to this past month.

Apple Pay & Google Pay With announced that the Spend App is now fully integrated and compatible with both Apple Pay as well as Google Pay; available on iPhone, Samsung and other Android devices.

Apple Pay and Google Pay have allowed users to make secure purchases in stores, in apps and on the web, as well as send and receive money from friends and family (in Messenger). Now, when linked to the Spend Visa® Card, users will be able to take advantage of all the supported digital and fiat currencies supported within the Spend App wherever Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted. These new features will become available with the release of Spend App v2.5.

Binance Chain Activation

Spend announced the Binance Chain activation on the Spend App. You can deposit & withdraw your BNB. You can also find the native BNB deposit address within your Spend Wallet. Spend announced in April that it will fully support the Binance Chain migration and Binance Coin mainnet token Swap. Spend now supports BEP2 tokens on the platform and listed BEP2 tokens are spendable using the Spend platform.

Spendcoin Smart Contract Audit

The Spendcoin Smart Contract has now been fully audited and secured by CertiK. After performing a thorough deep dive of the smart contract surrounding the Spendcoins, CertiK provided Spend with excellent results, passing the contract and certifying it as secure.

Introduction Of QTUM

QTUM is now available on the Spend App. You can buy and sell QTUM with your linked bank account. Exchange QTUM with all supported assets. You can also Spend QTUM at over 40+ million location on the Spend Wallet by instantly converting to fiat with the Spend Visa® Card! QTUM joins the exclusive list of digital assets and fiat currencies that are now spendable using the Spend Wallet & Spend Visa® Card.

Spend App Updates & Improvements

Throughout the month of April, Spend has launched several new versions and updates of the Spend App for both iOS and Android devices. These updates include increased speed when using the app as well as updates, including the ability to now upgrade your card. While many of these updates remain unnoticed, Spend is constantly working to improve the apps efficiency and operability.

Now Available On KuCoin was excited to announce that both SPND/BTC as well as SPND/ETH markets are available on KuCoin!