Spend Foundation plans to launch its Cross Ledger mainnet to include cross-chain interoperability with Binance Chain, enabling users to connect both blockchains and to communicate with each other, all through a decentralized manner. An addendum to Spend’s Cross Ledger white paper will be released shortly and will show how users will be able to utilize decentralized applications such as Blockchain University to connect to Binance Chain and perform interoperable functions.

With this announcement, Spend also plans to launch a Spendcoin on the Binance Chain pegged to 1 Spendcoin on the Ethereum blockchain, and on the future Cross Ledger blockchain. Spend.com has recently announced that it will fully support the Binance Chain migration and Binance Coin (BNB) mainnet token swap. Spend will now also support BEP2 tokens on the platform and will make listed BEP2 tokens spendable on the Spend platform.

Spend Foundation will complete the listing process to have SPNDB listed on the Binance DEX that Binance has posted. Spend has started a community engagement thread here, where the Spend community and the Binance community can discuss everything transparently. Spend will outline plans and roadmaps with Binance Chain Validators and follow all necessary steps required to execute the plan, subject to approval by said Validators.

SPNDB will be launched where 1 SPNDB will equal 1 SPND (ERC20/Cross Ledger) coin. SPNDB will be an additional asset listed on the Spend Wallet with a native Binance Chain Deposit Address. Spendcoin-Binance (SPNDB) will be a spendable asset within the Spend App, which means users can buy and sell it with a linked bank account, exchange SPNDB with all supported assets and spend SPNDB at 40+ million locations on the Spend Wallet by instantly converting to fiat with the Spend Visa® Card!

User will be able to instantly convert 1 SPND to 1 SPNDB directly within the Spend Wallet with no fees.

Spend is excited for the launch of the highly awaited Binance Chain and will work on promoting and contributing to the ecosystem in a positive fashion in any and all ways! With this announcement and the launch of Binance Chain, Spend.com will enable an additional 1% Rewards Back until May 1, 2019 when spending BNB on the Spend Wallet and Spend Visa® Card.

Spend would like to serve this opportunity to interact with the community and answer any relevant questions about SPNDB.

Thank you!